Vegetable Pakora                                                                     3.95

Spicy vegetables deep fried with gram flour

Onion Bhaji (Original)                                                              3.95

Traditional recipe of green chilli, gram flour and garam masala

Garlic Chiken Wings                                                                 4.50

Chiken wings marinated in garlic, yoghurt and spice. Cooked in tandoor oven


Haggis Pakora                                                                           4.80

The Scottish delicacy, deep fried with spices and gram flour

Lamb Chops                                                                               5.25

Tender lamb chops marinated in chef’s secret gram masala and cooked to perfection in the tandoori

Seekh Kebab Masaledar                                                          5.25

Succulent pieces of lamb grilled and tossed with herbs and aeromatic blend of spices 

Populer Choices

Choices are available in the following

Pan Fried Chiken 8.50 • Chicken Tikka 8.50 • Lamb 8.50 •
Mixed Vegetable 7.25 • Succulent Prawns 8.45 

Traditional Curry

The old Delhi style cooked to a medium or madras streangth


A rich and flavoursome condensed sauce with plenty of ginger, garlic and tomatoes


Cooked in a mild and creemy sauce


Britain’s national dish- a mouth watering marinade of exotic Punjabi spices, garlic, ginger, cumin, capsicums and onions, simmered in a home made yoghurt sauce


A delicately spiced combination of crunchy almonds, cashews, sultanas, and a flourish of fresh cream and coconut cream. If you want the homestyle authentic jalfrezi which flavoured with peppers and onions, non-creamy, please inform your server 


A mouth watering potent fusion of peppers, onions, ginger, garlic, green chillies, and a touch of coconut, simmered in exotic Jaipuri spices


Popular hot and creamy dish, made with coconut cream, red chilli and fresh green chilli 


Chiken cooked with bird’s eye chillies, lentils and  tomatto

Ashoka’s Balti

Ginger, garlic onions, chickpeas and achar deliciously combined to produce a truly mouth-watering Ashoka Shak classic


Spinach purée simmered with lashings of green chilli and garlic with a dash of fresh cream

South Indian Garlic Chilli

Hot and spicy with a saucy twist of spicy twist ‘n’ sour…wow

Rogan Josh

Kashmiri dish cooked with your choice in a rich onion and tomatto gravy, flavoured with ginger, garlic and dry Indian spices


Boiled Rice                                                                                 2.60

Pilau Rice                                                                                   2.75

Mushroom Pilau Rice                                                               2.80

Poppadom                                                                                  0.95

Mango Chutney                                                                         1.15

Chips                                                                                           2.25

All our Regional specials, Vegetable selection and Clay Oven Classics are Gluton Free


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