Traditional Starters

Vegetable Pakora                             3.95

Spicy vegetables deep fried with gram flour

Chicken Breast Pakora                   4.80

Strips of chicken fillet marinated, battered & deep fried

Amritsari Fish Pakora                     4.75

Marinated white fish in a crisp spicy gram flour batter

Haggis Pakora                                   4.80

The Scottish delicacy, deep fried with spices and gram flour

Onion Bhaji                                       3.95

Traditional recipe of green chilli, gram flour and garam masala

Vegetable Samosas                            4.75

Indian pastry stuffed with spiced vegetables served with mint chutney

Combo Platter

Combo Platter for 2     10.95

Combo of chicken pakoras,
vegetable pakoras, haggis pakoras,
fish pakoras,chandry chilli chicken,
onion bhajis and barbequed
chicken wings served with ashoka
homemade dips

Signature Starters

Malai   Mushrooms            4.90

Juicy Mushrooms sauteed in a creamy sauce with the hint of garlic, crushed peppercorns
and aromatic herbs

Poori (various)                                  4.95

A light thin pan-fried chapatti smothered in your choice of pepper chicken, garlic mushroom or spicy prawn masala

Lamb Chops                                      5.25

Tender lamb chops marinated in chef’s secret gram masala and cooked to perfection in the tandoori

Kolkatta Chilli Chicken / Chilli Paneer               4.95

Lightly battered chicken breast or diced paneer tossed with onions, peppers and chilli sauce . Most popular street food in kolkatta

Chandri Chilli Chicken                     4.80

Diced chicken fillets marinated in a piquant Sweet ‘n’ sour sauce, lightly fried until golden

Scottish Popular & Classics

Garlic Pickled Curry

Homestyle traditional curry cooked in medium strength. Choice of MADRAS or VINDALOO is also available


A rich and flavoursome condensed sauce with plenty of ginger, garlic and tomatoes

Kashmiri (Fruity) or Ceylonese Korma

Classic mild Indian experience available in two variations, for the more delicate palate, ask your server for details


Britain’s national dish- a mouth watering marinade of exotic Punjabi spices, garlic, ginger, cumin, capsicums and onions, simmered in a home made yoghurt sauce


A delicately spiced combination of crunchy almonds, cashews, sultanas, and a flourish of fresh cream and coconut cream. If you want the homestyle authentic jalfrezi which flavoured with peppers and onions, non-creamy, please inform your server


A mouth watering potent fusion of peppers, onions, ginger, garlic, green chillies, and a touch of coconut, simmered in exotic Jaipuri spices


Popular hot and creamy dish, made with coconut cream, red chilli and fresh green chilli


Smooth and creamy with a twist of sweet ‘n’ sour sauce

Parsi Dhansac

This parsi popular dish cooked with bird’s eye chillies, lentils and tomatoes


A tangy sweet ‘n’ sour sauce

Ashoka’s Balti

Ginger, garlic onions, chickpeas and achar deliciously combined to produce a truly mouth-watering Ashoka Shak classic


Spinach purée simmered with lashings of green chilli and garlic with a dash of fresh cream

 Popular Choices are available in the following: Pan Fried Chicken 9.50 • Chicken Tikka 9.50 • Lamb 9.75 • Mixed Vegetable 7.95 • Atlantic Prawns 8.95 • King prawns 13.95

Tandoori Selection

All these dishes trace their origin to the influence of Mughlai cuisine.

All these varieties of tikkas & kebabs are savoured in India and are barbequed to sizzling perfection in the Tandoor oven.

We serve these Mughlai dishes with a crisp salad garnish, pilau rice or chips & curry sauce.

Any sauce of your choice can be selected from the popular choice or regional special for £1.00 extra

Chicken Tikka                                                                          13.50

Succulent chicken marinated in yoghurt and Spices, cooked to perfection in the tandoor

Lamb Tikka                                                                              14.25

Mouthwatering tender lamb, marinated in exotic Spices, cooked in the tandoor

Healthy Salmon Sizzler                                                                  14.95

Fillet of salmon marinated in exotic spices cooked to perfection in the tandoor oven

Smoky And Skinned Yoghurt Chicken Kebab (Healthy Option) 13.95

As in low calorie, this healthy fusion of Indo Mediterranean dish is a classic combination of chicken kebabs marinated in low fat yoghurt , fresh garlic & onion paste and cooked in the tandoor. Served with boiled rice only.

King Prawn Shashlk                                                               15.95

Plump Atlantic king prawns barbequed with onions, peppers and tomatoes

Kick Ass Chicken Kebab                                                         13.95

Chicken marinated in hot ‘n ‘ spicy sauce, skewered with onion, mushrooms and chunks of bell pepper

Tandoori Mixed Grill                                                              16.95

A mouth watering medley of lamb chop, chicken chaat, chicken tikka, lamb tikka, chicken wings and barbequed king prawns

Regional Specials

Motimahal Butter Chicken                                                     9.95

Chicken breast cooked in the clay oven then tossed in a rich creamy, buttery, tomato gravy. Typical delhites favourite

Lamb Desi                                                                                  9.95

Tender lamb, cooked with fresh onions, tomatoes, ginger, garlic, green chillies and fresh Coriander. Popular in roadside dhabas in India

Kashmiri Rojanjosh                                                                10.50

This spicy lamb curry from Kashmir was originally brought by the Moghuls. Our version features melting tender lamb served with ginger and fennel. Chicken version will be available also

Mince & Tatty Curry                                                                 9.95

Scottish delight with Indian twist. Tender lamb cooked in rich masala base with potatoes, peas and Coriander

Dum Biriyani                                                             12.95

Your choice of chicken or lambor vegetables simmered in pot of spiced basmati rice and served with a sauce and raita

Goan Fish Curry                                                                        9.95

Melt in the mouth fillet of white fish sautéed in a medium sauce with a hint of tropical coconut

Chicken or Lamb South Indian Garlic Chilli                         9.95

Hot and spicy with a saucy twist of spicy sweet ‘n’ sour…wow

King Prawn Balchau                                                               13.95

Succulent king prawns cooked with a blend of exotic Indian spices, finished with coconut cream and tempered with a hint of mustard seeds and curry leaves

Smoky Lamb Curry                                                                           10.25

This Rajasthani style lamb curry has a deliciously smoky aroma and is crammed with aromatic spice.

Ashoka’s Special Curry (Medium)                                        10.95

Chicken, lamb, prawns and mushrooms, cooked with the chef’s own special spices

Chettinad Chicken Curry                                                         9.50

A south Indian homestyle chicken curry cooked in freshly ground pepper, south Indian spices and fresh curry leaves

Vegeterian Dishes

Paneer Malaider

Home churned cottage cheese cooked in spinach puree with lashings of green chilli and garlic

Mushroom Bhaji

Spiced mushroom curry with onion, tomato ginger & garlic

Tarka Daal

Yellow lentils tempered with cumin garlic & tomatoes

Aloo Benerasi

Tempered baby potatoes, cauliflower, cumin, ginger

Paneer Butter Masala

Cubes of Home-made cottage cheese cooked in a buttery silky gravy

Okra Dopiaza

Okra tossed with ginger, onions cumin & Coriander

Saag (Spinach)

+Choice of one addition-A spinach, garlic, and tempered cumin sauce with your choice of Aloo (potato), Paneer (homemade cheese) or Mushroom

Dal Makhani

Black lentils slow cooked overnight on charcoal.Creamy and earthy, this dal is a delicious accompaniment to tandoori dishes.

Main Course 7.95 Side Dish 4.75



Plain Naan                                         2.90

Garlic Nan                                         2.95 

Garlic and Corriander Naan            2.99

Peshwari Nan                                   3.95

Stuffed with coconut, almond & cashew nuts

Keema Naan                                     3.95

Stuffed with spicy ground lamb

Tandoori Roti                                    2.10

Tandoori Paratha                             2.50

Layered whole wheat bread

Chilli Garlic Cheese Naan               3.50



Pilau Rice                                           2.90

Boiled Rice                                         2.80

Mushroom Fried Rice                      2.95

Keema rice                                        3.95

Egg fried Rice                                   3.50 


Popadom                                           0.95

Spiced Onions                                   1.20

Mango Chutney                                1.20

Homemade Mixed Pickle                1.25

Mixed Raita                                       1.80

Yoghurt, chopped tomatoes and onions

Chicken Tikka asian salad                                          3.50

French Fries                                      2.25

Masala Chips                                    2.50

Continental Options

Fish N Chips      10.50

Breaded Fish served with French fries and crispy salad garnish

Steak Two Ways      12.95

Angus steak, grilled to perfection or marinated Tandoori Steak barbequed with onions, peppers &

mushrooms, served with French fries

All dishes may contain traces of nuts. All meat and poultry served at Ashoka is Halal certified.We import all our spices directly from approved growers across India. Our food suppliers have given assurances that none of our ingredients are genetically modified. We only use 100% fresh British Chicken and Scottish lamb on our menu. No food colouring or additives are used in our cooking .Should you have concerns about a food allergy or intolerance please speak to our staff before you order your food & drink.


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